tokeniser (n) A system that parses an input stream into its component symbols


Hi, I'm Jack, welcome to my homepage. I'm a Computer Science student from England. Currently I'm in my 3rd year of study at Durham University. You can contact me in a few different ways: * Email : * Twitter : @jgb_plus_linux I can also be found on the following platforms: * GitHub : jgbyrne * Reddit : jgbyrne * Tildes : jgb * Hacker News : jgbyrne * Lobsters : jgb I also have a gemini homepage at gemini://


Open-source software that I have written or am writing. * plainchant - a simple Imageboard implemented in Rust * stound - a small timetable tool for boring people * jann - configuration deployment tool for POSIX * jlmc - an interpreter and debugger for the Little Man Computer instruction set


Thoughts on motorsport. * Both Alike in Dignity * Stirling Moss at the 24 Heures du Mans * On Beauty in Motor Racing


Thoughts about computing and technology. * Playing around with DLNA Sound * Notes on Personal Computing


Thoughts on things that aren't computers or racing cars. * Microphones in 2020
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